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Beyond Managed WiFi – Taking Connectivity to the Next Level

GIgaMonster Networks presents

Managed WiFi – Managing the Basics

As WiFi becomes ubiquitous in modern life, multifamily communities are experiencing new challenges when providing secure and reliable connectivity to their residents. Overlapping networks create interference reducing reliability which your residents will notice. Traditional WiFi also can’t solve for dead spots created by stairwells and parking garages. Gone are the days of casually Internet use. Your residents need to stay connected everywhere they go 24/7 and managed WiFi can offer new ways of solving these challenges.

  • Improved Connectivity and Security: With managed WiFi deployments, each resident is provided with their own secure network (SSID) that connects to a mesh network of access points (APs) both in unit and across the property. This architecture eliminates the need to connect to different networks while roaming the community creating a unified resident experience no matter where they go.

  • Increase Revenue and Reduce Costs to Residents: Get more and pay less. Managed WiFi offers new revenue streams to owners by allowing them to purchase service in bulk and resell it to residents via a technology access fee. Owners see an increase in recurring revenue and net operating income (NOI) while residents receive exceptional connectivity at or below the national average.

  • Worry-free Support: Just because it’s your network, doesn’t mean you have to fix it. With managed WiFi deployments, the service provider still offers full support to your residents and network infrastructure.

  • Technology Upgrades: Technology moves fast and managed WiFi solutions can help you keep up. Favorable term lengths allow for technology upgrades and ways to offset costs.

  • Ready to Support Emerging Technologies: New technologies are being developed every day. You need to know that your network can support your current infrastructure as well as innovations that may come in the future. Managed WiFi lays the foundation for IoT, EV charging stations, controlling building systems and more.

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GigaMonster Universal Access Networks are the next evolution of managed WiFi. Instead of offering a basic mesh network solution, GigaMonster UAN offers advanced features other providers can’t deliver. Starting with a strong foundation of security and reliability, GigaMonster UAN builds on the managed WiFi experience by unifying wired, wireless and 5G cellular networks across the entire community.

  • Next-level Security: Our sophisticated network architecture goes beyond the level of security traditional managed WiFi deployments can offer. Each resident receives their own virtual local area network (VLAN) which keeps their data and web traffic secure and accessible only to them. This model allows us to use a single SSID for the property, reducing network entry-points that can become targets for hackers.

  • Heatmaps to model and confirm coverage:

    GigaMonster doesn’t deploy cookie-cutter solutions. Our engineers use heat-mapping technology to ensure the best coverage and resident experience across the entire property.

  • We See Owners as Partners: GigaMonster engages with owners early in the process to design solutions specific to their needs that also support owner profitability and resident satisfaction.

  • Experience: GigaMonster has 4+ years of experience deploying and supporting Universal Access Networks. This enables us to deliver a better performing product and more elegant features to the solution that our competitors can’t provide.

  • Real-time Network Management: All GigaMonster Universal Access Networks come with a property- level management portal. This enables features such as turning down speeds for non-payment and on- boarding third-party vendors without calling support or scheduling an install.

  • Operational Hub: GigaMonster UAN acts as an operational hub for all community office and maintenance services via a single secure network reducing operating costs to owners.

  • Reduce Costs: Eliminate cabling costs for 3rd party vendors by creating point to point local area network (LAN) connections using your existing network infrastructure.

  • National Fiber Network: GigaMonster designs our fiber network to deliver bandwidth directly to the property. Less than 10% of our total traffic travels over the open Internet. Don’t just be another stop on the Internet highway, get your own express lane. We further extend this benefit with direct peering. This allows us to connect content providers directly to your residents ensuring the fastest route and keeping their traffic off the open Internet.

  • 5G Cellular Roaming: GigaMonster UAN supports 5G cellular roaming for many of the top providers, eliminating dead spots in places you never thought possible. Stairwells, elevators, and even parking garages, can be brought into the 21st century. Next time your residents need to call AAA from the parking deck, we have them covered.

  • Enterprise-grade Connectivity: From the equipment we select to the bandwidth we provide; our networks are designed to give your residents best-in-class connectivity from the comfort of their own home. Working from home has never been better.

  • Universal IoT Support: We designed GigaMonster UAN to be IoT Platform agnostic. This allows us to support all major solution providers such as Lotas®, STRATIS®, Dwelo®, and SmartRent®. You can select the best provider for your community and be confident GigaMonster UAN can support them.

  • Go Beyond Residential Internet: Expandability is a key advantage to GigaMonster UAN. It’s your network, let us help you make the most of it. Use your existing Universal Access Network to cover commercial, mixed-use, and hospitality spaces opening additional revenue streams.

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Not Convinced?
Let the Numbers Speak for Themselves
Total Units
Average Rent
Occupancy (%)
Rent Increase (%)
Occupancy Increase (%)
Term of GigaMonster ROE (Months)
UAN Service Rate to Owner
Rate to Resident
Owner Revenue (%)
Owner Revenue ($/Unit)
New Monthly Earnings (@ 95% Occup)
Door Fee per Door
Owner Income Over Full Term
Incremental Cash Over Full Term
Annual NOI Impact
$27, 132
Property Value Increase (@5% Cap)
Incremental Prop Value Impact

*Based on an average of multiple projects during proposals in 2021.

Large Scale GigaMonster UAN Connectivity
Feature Project: Water Street Tampa
Seamless Connectivity is Broadcast Through Out:
3 Residential Multifamily Dwelling Communities
2 Commercial Building Structures
Sparkman Wharf, including:
Greenspace Common Area & Food / Business Containers
Comm Corridor & Smart Poles Through Out District
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